Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Journey

I'm not sure why but this lady, Susan Boyle inspires me so much. When she first sang on Britain's Got Talent, I cried when I heard her sing. This week she was on the finale of America's Got Talent singing 'Wild Horses' and once again her performance brought me to tears.

I think it has to do with her story. She and I are pretty close in age ... late 40's. So that may be what draws me to her. That is where the similarities end. She appears to have lived a very simple and calm life ... I think my life has been complicated and intense. I think I raced through life not really living in the moment. Everything I`ve done was for some future cause. What do I mean by that ... well you`ve heard the saying it`s not the destination but the journey that counts. I was always thinking of attaining or completing and forgetting to enjoy the time spent achieving those goals.

Personally, I think it`s some fear in me that causes me to always think about the future. To always want to accomplish and attain.

So I think of her journey through life and I think about my journey through life and I grieve a bit. I`m so happy for her successes. I don`t feel that way about mine.

Anyways, here is video of Susan Boyle on America`s Got Talent ...


  1. I don't usually keep up with the reality shows, heck I don't watch tv all that much, but like you I find her story inspiring. Beautiful song she's singing here. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. (((Hugs))) Every journey is a beautiful one, especially yours <3

  3. inspiring but you're not doing too bad yourself, just don't be too hard about it

  4. I really like Susan Boyle too- what a voice