Monday, February 14, 2011

Daria's blogs are no longer active

Sadly, Daria my wife of 29 years passed away peacefully Saturday January 22 2011 after her long hard fought battle with metastatic breast cancer. 

Posted by Don 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

She Works Hard for the Money

Growing up quiet poor, I think money has been a big motivator in my life. As a child, I really felt embarrassed about being poor, so as an adult, I decided I would work and work hard to ensure I would never be poor again. There began my obsession with money.

I never had a job as a kid; I grew up in the country and never had an opportunity for a paying job. It was when I got out on my own and moved to the big city that things changed. I got a job and worked every hour I could. I worked days, evenings and nights ... as many holidays as I could … often being told I worked far too hard. In 30 years, I’ve never been unemployed.

You know, there are times I’m proud of that and other times I wonder if I’ve worked too hard and missed out.

Did life pass me by while I was busy chasing that almighty dollar?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Journey

I'm not sure why but this lady, Susan Boyle inspires me so much. When she first sang on Britain's Got Talent, I cried when I heard her sing. This week she was on the finale of America's Got Talent singing 'Wild Horses' and once again her performance brought me to tears.

I think it has to do with her story. She and I are pretty close in age ... late 40's. So that may be what draws me to her. That is where the similarities end. She appears to have lived a very simple and calm life ... I think my life has been complicated and intense. I think I raced through life not really living in the moment. Everything I`ve done was for some future cause. What do I mean by that ... well you`ve heard the saying it`s not the destination but the journey that counts. I was always thinking of attaining or completing and forgetting to enjoy the time spent achieving those goals.

Personally, I think it`s some fear in me that causes me to always think about the future. To always want to accomplish and attain.

So I think of her journey through life and I think about my journey through life and I grieve a bit. I`m so happy for her successes. I don`t feel that way about mine.

Anyways, here is video of Susan Boyle on America`s Got Talent ...