Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ladies ... Please

When I was growing up ... I so was a woman's libber .... I wouldn't allow a man to buy my drinks, my meals, even open doors for me because I wanted to be treated as an equal and taken seriously. I was extremely independent and wanted the world to know it.

However, I got a tell you about some girls making the news here in Edmonton ... four 19 year old girls caught a cab from a strip club/restaurant and decided to take advantage of a situation ... I guess. They decided to light up a cigarette in a cab ... which is illegal. When the cab driver said there could be a $500 fine for smoking ... so put it out ... the girls demanded the cab driver to stop and let them out .... they refused to pay the $13 cab fare ... they accused the cab driver of trying to molest them and ... the police were called.

Obviously, it was their word against his. NOT! There was a camera in the cab so when the police came, the cab driver played the video to the police.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, they picked on the wrong guy. No charges were laid but the cab driver is suing the girls.

Ladies ... please ... for years woman have been trying very hard to get men and society to take them seriously ... don't screw it up by acting like juveniles.

Here is the whole article ... Edmonton cabbie sues passengers over false assault allegations