Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Shortage Of Greed

Today on the local news there was a piece about a 75 year old Alzheimer's woman who died. She lived alone in her house and didn't allow people to visit her home. It appears her family members hadn't been in to see her for sounds like years prior.

Based on the pictures they showed on television, she was a hoarder. Every room was filled with stuff but the news article focused on one particular part of the hoarding ... the lady had approximately $50,000 of unopened Avon products stored in boxes and bags in the basement.

Her Avon representative lived a few doors down the street and was one of the one people this lady would allow into her house. Apparently they had built a nice trusting relationship.

I'm floored ... what does one say? How greedy and selfish do you have to be to take advantage of someone like that?

The news station sent out a 'trouble shooter' to phone and knock on the sales ladies' door but of course we know ... that would be to no avail. The trouble shooter finally called Avon head office and after a few days, they agreed to pick up at the cost of Avon all unopened unused product for a refund.

So back to our friendly neighborhood Avon representative. What motivated her? $$$$$ Need I say more. I'm just so appalled at some people's behavior. How can they live with themselves? At some point the representative must have justified this to herself. I would have loved to be in her mind at the moment.

Do you notice any similarities to some other greedy people in the news .... AGI ... Wall Street ... Mortgage companies. I would have loved to be in their minds as they justified what they were doing.